Perfect Days to Celebrate

April is National Kite Month

May is National Photograph Month

June is Rose Month

With events like these you have a reason to celebrate everyday with a delicious cakepop or cakeball.  Plus there are so many other great days to celebrate, such as these:  

April - National Kite Month

  • April 1st - Easter Sunday
  • April 6th - National Walk to Work Day
  • April 12th - Walk on Your Wild Side Day
  • April 19th - National Garlic Day
  • April 22nd - Earth Day
  • April 30th - Hairstyle Appreciation Day


May - National Photograph Month

  • May 1st - Mother Goose Day
  • May  4th - Star Wars Day
  • May 10th - Clean up Your Room Day
  • May 13th- Mother's Day
  • May 25th - National Brown Bag it Day
  • May 30th - Water a Flower Day


June - Rose Month

  • June 5th- Hot Air Balloon Day
  • June 10th - Ball Point Pen Day
  • June 15th - Smile Power Day
  • June 17th - Father's Day
  • June 23rd - National Pink Day
  • June 27th -  Sun Glasses Day