Perfect Days to Celebrate

January is National Bath Safety Month

February is Canned Food Month

March is National Frozen Food Month

With events like these you have a reason to celebrate everyday with a delicious cakepop or cakeball.  Plus there are so many other great days to celebrate, such as these:    

January - National Bath Safety Month

  • Jan 1st - New Year's Day
  • Jan 7th - Old Rock Day
  • Jan 13th - Make Your Dream Come True Day
  • Jan 20th - Penguin Awareness Day
  • Jan 27th - Punch the Clock Day
  • Jan 31st - Backward Day

February - Canned Food Month

  • Feb 1st - No Politics Day
  • Feb 6th - National Chopsticks Day
  • Feb 11th - Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day
  • Feb 14th - Valentine's Day
  • Feb 20th - Cherry Pie Day
  • Feb 26th - Tell a Fairy Tale Day

March - National Frozen Food Month

  • March 2nd - Employee Appreciation Day
  • March 4th - Hug a GI Day
  • March 14th - Learn about Butterflies Day
  • March 17th - Saint Patrick's Day
  • March 25th - Feast of the Assumption
  • March 28th -  Something on a Stick Day