Perfect Days to Celebrate

September is Fall Hat Month

October is International Drum Month

November is National Sleep Comfort Month

With events like these you have a reason to celebrate everyday with a delicious cakepop or cakeball.  Plus there are so many other great days to celebrate, such as these:  

September Fall Hat Month

  • Sept. 3rd - Labor Day
  • Sept. 8th - Pardon Day
  • Sept. 16th - Collect Rocks Day
  • Sept. 21st - International Peace Day
  • Sept. 25th - National Comic Book Day
  • Sept. 28th - Ask a Stupid Questions Day 


October - International Drum Month

  • Oct. 2nd - Name Your Car Day
  • Oct. 9th - Fire Prevention Day
  • Oct. 12th - Moment of Frustration Day
  • Oct. 19th - Evaluate Your Life Day
  • Oct. 27th - Make a Difference Day
  • Oct. 31st - Halloween



November - Sleep Comfort Month

  • Nov. 2nd - Look for Circles Day
  • Nov. 11th - Veteran's Day
  • Nov. 16th - Button Day
  • Nov. 20th - Beautiful Day
  • Nov. 22nd - Thanksgiving
  • Nov. 30th - Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day