Perfect Days to Celebrate

October is National Popcorn Popping Month

November is National Sleep Comfort Month

December is Bingo Month

With events like these you have a reason to celebrate everyday with a delicious cakepop or cakeball.  Plus there are so many other great days to celebrate, such as these:

October National Popcorn Popping Month

  • October 3rd - Techies Day
  • October 6th - Oktoberfest in Germany ends, date varies
  • October 11th - It's My Party Day
  • October 16th - Dictionary Day
  • October 24th - National Bologna Day
  • October 31st - Halloween

November National Sleep Comfort Month 

  • November 2nd - Deviled Egg Day
  • November 10th - Forget-Me-Not Day
  • November 15th - Clean Your Refrigerator Day
  • November 17th - Take A Hike Day
  • November 22nd - Go For a Ride Day
  • November 28th - Thanksgiving - Eat, drink, and be thankful, fourth Thursday

December Bingo Month

  • December 3rd - National Roof over Your Head Day
  • December 7th - Letter Writing Day
  • December 9th - Christmas Card Day
  • December 20th - Go Caroling Day
  • December 22nd - Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year, date varies
  • December 25th - Christmas Day